Floral arrangements for special occasions

Whether it’s a wedding, christening, coming of age, graduation or birthday party of a loved one, giving floral arrangements is an old tradition in Romanian culture. Let us tell you a little bit about classic, seasonal natural flower arrangements and bouquets, and combined flower bouquets, suitable for the most important occasions in a person’s life.

Classic floral arrangements – roses

The most purchased bouquets and flower arrangements are, by far, those containing roses. There is a collective feeling about roses that you can’t go wrong. But if we reflect on this idea, we come to the conclusion that you can’t go wrong with any flower, because they naturally impress with their beauty and fragrance. At the same time, we must give credit to the classic roses, which have a history of about 40 million years and is relevant in terms of their symbolism. Roses were considered in the pre-Christian era as witnesses of acts of love, covenants and formalizations, contributing to the elegant setting.

Roses can be given on anniversaries of the most important and dear people in our lives, at weddings and baptisms but also at graduations or on an ordinary day, why not, to the person you love.

Seasonal flower arrangements

Regardless of the occasion, seasonal flowers are always a good choice, because as the name suggests, they are temporary and that’s why they are special. For example, in spring, hyacinths, freesias, lilies and tulips are at the top of women’s preferences. Later, around May, peonies are by far their favourites, but for a spring anniversary, a colorful bouquet of tulips will surely impress. Controversial throughout history, originally cultivated in Turkey and featured in numerous Dutch festivals, tulips remain on trend spring after spring.

Peony bouquets especially delight ladies and young ladies with their softness and color. So, in spring and beyond, any woman will enjoy such a delightful seasonal bouquet.

Unique combined flower arrangements

The most unique floral arrangements for the special occasions in our lives are those with various flowers, because each of them tells a story, has its own scent, and together they make a unique and spectacular gift.

The flowers below, for example, are in perfect harmony together aesthetically because their shades complement and match. A bouquet like this can be given on the occasion of a graduation, an anniversary, a christening or any other event with a happy note and where people are joyful.

Here are some tips for caring for bouquets and cut arrangements:

  • place the flowers in cold water.
  • the water must be changed daily.
  • it is good to keep the way the bouquet is tied, that way the flowers will stay in the position in which they were arranged.
  • cut the leaves that are below the water level or that are inside the vase in which it is to be placed.
  • it is good for the bouquet to be placed in a shaded place, as cool as possible so that it lasts longer.
  • every day it must be checked whether there is enough water and replenished if there is no longer enough.
  • if you notice that there are flowers withering, they must be removed from the vase because they accelerate the withering of the other flowers.
  • you can extend the life of the flowers if you cut a relatively small piece from their stems, diagonally.

If you want bouquets that give you the same pleasant look, but forever, without any special care, you can offer an arrangement of stabilized natural lichens.


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